Fusion Logos launches Logo Design service directly to end users

Fusion Logos has launched its new website and is now offering its services directly to end users. Fusion Logos is one of the UK’s largest Logo Design companies which initially only offered its Cheap Logo Design services to Design agencies due our high volume, low margin model.

Fusion Logos has now progressed on to being able to offer its Cheap Logo Design services directly to consumers and businesses who require a Cheap Logo Design for whatever reason, whether it be for an event, business, mobile app, or even a wedding card. Fusion Logos, Cheap Logo Design services is on £12 per Logo Design concept and there are no complicated packages or pricing. It is simply £12 per Logo Design.

Additionally, Fusion Logos offers a 24 hours call centre to all our customers on 0203 129 1086 allowing customers to speak to someone in regards to their order at anytime of the day.

Fusion Logos will soon be offering its services in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

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